Sawdayah Kaliaha

Meet Sawdayah... by Zaria Poem

It is with pleasure that I announce I am partnering with and managing representation for the wonderful Sawdayah Kaliaha. Hailing from Detroit, Michigan by way of North Carolina, Sawdayah is a Brooklyn-based model and agriculture educator. 

In just under a year, Sawdayah has been building her portfolio and experience through working fashion shows and modeling for an array of NY designers and hair stylists. Just to give you a little more background, I asked Sawdayah to tell us five things that describe who she is. Check out what she came up with!

1. Energetic

2. Impassioned

3. Lifelong Storyteller & Actress

4. Muse & Counselor 

5. 'All around' Epicurean 

Additionally, she let me in on her excitement and expectations regarding our partnership:

"I am so excited to work with Ms. Poem! I have watched her artistry develop over the five years we have known each other and am thoroughly impressed with her vision, techniques and dedication to the completion of work. Our creative pursuits align along a desire to portray the sublime, beautiful and sometimes difficult nature of life, especially the life of the African. Stay tuned -- this is an eclectic combination sure to engage the senses!" -- Sawdayah Kaliaha

I can proudly relate and attest to it all. Look out for what's next to come!

For more information on Sawdayah and to view her digital portfolio, click here